Thursday, October 24, 2013

OK, so I'm a baddie

So the powers that be at GAMEBREAKER are always after me to write editorials. The news stuff I typically churn out puts content on the site, but doesn’t generate a ton of hits unless it’s something big. To be fair, it’s a lot easier to report on stuff like the new Elder Scrolls character creation screen than it is to write about how I think or feel, but I’m encouraged to present opinions and try to spark debate.

And one of my recent posts did just that. 

I wrote an opinion post last week that had the lynch mobs out in full force. Seriously, the first word of the title is “Opinion,” yet I had people screaming for me to be fired for presenting my views as fact. My twitter erupted with venom from members of my guild calling me ignorant and suggesting that as a guild spokesperson, I should present my views with more tact.

All I did was suggest, albeit strongly, that 25-man raiding is better than 10-man. Is that so wrong? 

While I appreciate the passion people have for their style of raiding, I will say that my editor spent the weekend deleting comments she saw as pretty severe personal attacks. There were several people that disagreed with me and commented in an adult manner. Others looked up my raid team and picked apart how much we sucked. But here’s a secret:

But I did it on purpose. 

I was trolling. I knew what I was doing when I did it. I was trying to get people talking, and it worked. I had nothing to gain; extra hits on someone else’s web site don’t affect me all that much. I guess I nabbed about 15 extra twitter followers, but it’s not like I get paid for that either. But I did enjoy the back-and-forth I saw on the 10-man vs. 25-man debate. If opening a can of worms get the worms talked about, that’s gotta be a good thing…right?

And another thing!

What good is an opinion if you don’t support your ideas 100%? I’ve gone on record—and have gotten crap for—saying how terrible the Horde is, and now I’ve gone on record about raid sizes. Perhaps I could have said, “This is what I like, but you guys are welcome to like the things you like and they are just as valid.” That kind of article would have got zero people thinking and the conversation would have been just as small. I appreciate moderate views when it comes to politics, but when it comes to a hobby as subjective as VIDEO GAMES, what’s wrong with a little passion? I could say, “Shaman is the best class, and no other class can even touch it!” and I would expect a warlock writer to say the same about their class and a DK to say the same about theirs. Otherwise, why the heck would I read it? (Mages are, of course, exempt from that argument because… you know…)

The fact is: my team, a casual 25-man, had hit a month-long wall with a raid boss. We finally overcame it. I was excited.  The next day, I wrote an opinion piece about how much better my style of raiding is. Some people didn’t like it. You probably won’t like it. I liked it, and as long as I can continue to brush off the “you’re ugly and your team sucks” comments, I will find ways to do more.

So, just to be clear:
25-man raiding is better than filthy casual 10-mans.
Horde should all die in a fire.
Shammies are the best class. 

And while I’m at it:
Star Trek is far superior to Star Wars. 
The Beatles beat out Elvis in every way, and…
Blue is better than purple and anyone who disagrees is wrong. 

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