Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wrathion’s Cloak: A Legendary Pain In The Arse

And Some Of The Best Solo Content Available 

The Legendary quest line has certainly been interesting. We have been able to hang out with DeathWing’s kid, run errands for him and earn a bit of firepower. He has mostly had us collect items from raids, and the quest line has been accessible to anyone that can get into LFR…until now. At the end of 5.3, we are now tasked with defeating (or saving) Wrathion while the August Celestials observe. Our reward: A Legendary Quest Cloak.

This time around, the solo scenario is hard. It is frustrating as hell and expensive when you consider all the potions, flasks, food, and repair bills involved. Everywhere I look I find people giving up and shaking their fists at developers who must be laughing at all the players who can’t get through it. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I like that I’ve had to sit down and figure something out for a change. I dutifully kept up with the quest line, so I am among the first wave to experience the fight. I didn’t have a lot of guides to refer to. And that’s probably why it took me so long to get my very own Legendary Quest Cloak.

My advice as an Elemental Shaman trying to complete the quest for the legendary cloak: Calm Down. My attempts took place over four wipe sessions and I found that my first attempt of the day was almost always my best attempt. After that, I got flustered. Waiting for cooldowns to come back up was annoying and allowed me to get distracted. In order to be successful I had to regroup, focus, take a deep breath, and go.

Sal’s Elemental Shaman Legendary Quest Fight Strategy: Burn That Bitch

We don’t have much in the way of an agro dump, so our main issue will be the adds. What a lot of spell casters (curse you, hunters!) are doing is burning Wrathion down right at the start. You probably need pretty good gear for this strat. My ilevel was 525. Spec into anything that is bursty, because it is a short fight.

First, I stood behind Wrathion and to the right, because his aoe damage will hit you if you are in the center. Then, I put down my Searing Totem, Capacitor Totem, moved Capacitor using Totemic Projection (talent) so it was right next to Wrathion, popped a potion and then started the fight. About two seconds in, after my gear starts proccing, I pop Fire Elemental Totem and Ascendance. I have Stormlash Totem and Spriritwalker’s Grace macroed to Ascendance. Wrathion is stunned for a bit because of Capacitor so I can pound him with Lava Burst, but walk backwards (using the S key) to use Ascendance to its full extent while he comes towards me. When Ascendance is done, I pop Heroism.

Now, we have to worry about the adds. Hopefully I am far enough away so I can stand still and use Chain Lightning to get them down. If they are standing together, it will take two or three casts to take care of them. If they get too close, I use Earthgrab Totem (talent) to keep them away. After they are down, the key is to STAY BEHIND WRATHION. Do whatever it takes to do this. When I had a good shot at the guy, I used Elemental Mastery (talent) to get as much damage out as quick as I could. When the adds came back up, my Earth Elemental Totem was off cooldown and could handle them while I continued to burn Wrathion and perhaps throw some chain lighting at the adds.

We have it easy for the mirage phase. Just tab target and use Chain Lighting. Wrathion stands still for a bit, so you can get some decent shots in that way.

If I saw that I was in trouble, I used Shamanistic Rage. I have Gift of the Naru on my action bars to get my health up. I might suggest getting lock rocks from a friend if you don’t have access to that spell or others like it. I was not shy about using Healing Stream Totem or if I could stand in one spot for a bit,  Healing Tide Totem (talent).

When I finally got him down, it was right after the first wave of Mirage. After that, the adds get faster and all my tricks are on cooldown, with the possible exception of Ascendance, which I also have a potion macroed to (remember, I pre-potted). Along with using Spiritwalker’s Grace, you might still have a chance to get him down. However it seems to me that if you see a second mirage, you are in trouble.

This fight took me between 20 – 30 pulls, and made me mad enough to spit. My final attempt was also my first attempt of the night, when my stress level was at the lowest…which might tell you something about me. But in the end, I defeated him and got my prize. Now I just need to find a mog set to go with my shiny new Legendary Quest Cloak. 


  1. Grats and can't wait to get there to try it!

  2. It was very frustrating to me as well. I did the melee challenge, but it sounds like it's still similar. The problem for me was adds, and not having any ranged abilities that will hit hard enough to take them down. Another big problem for me was the bug that seems to happen often with the arc mechanic that the mogu rares share where the arc animation isn't where the arc is actually going to hit. It gets turned slightly so you are never sure if you are in the safe zone or not.

    Congrats on getting it down. It certainly was one of the more difficult challenges I've seen in game. Although it seems some classes/specs have it much easier than others.

    1. I think hunters have it easier for the ranged fight. They have good agro dumps and, of course, the pets.

  3. Huge congrats Sal, I've been drooling over that cloak for a very long time.

    1. Now that it's done, I can't wait for the next one!