Tuesday, July 30, 2013

She Calls Him Sal

“Sal” is a pretty common name. I run into other Sals a lot. There’s a bit of competition for the nickname, but I do not own this or any other moniker. However, I tend to be a bit louder than other Sals and my main character’s name is kind of hard to pronounce so whenever a different Sal comes around, the other person ends up being “other Sal” or “Sal number two”, which makes me feel kind of jerky.

Out of 4100 unique individuals, there are two Sals that I know of in our guild… and we happen to be on the same raid team. Sal isn’t soft spoken, he just chooses whom he likes to speak to. When the guild started out, folks called him Sal, but that kind of tapered off. We even talked about it once. “I’ll still call you Sal,” I said. “Fine,” he replied, “then I’ll be “She Calls Me Sal.”

Sal is a great guy, and he and I couldn’t be more different. 

Ever the supportive friend, when I recently made an appearance on Girls Gone WoW, Sal made sure to download it and give it a listen. He liked the show well enough, but wasn’t too keen on the language the ladies were using. Honestly, I thought the F-bombs were pretty tame in that episode, but to him the explicit label was a pretty big turn-off. Understanding that has made me more mindful when I put pug groups together and set a language guideline.

Sal owns guns. Tons of them. He literally has dozens of guns. I understand having a few—as he is a cop—but he is a collector. He doesn’t go on and on about them, but every now and then he mentions a prized piece or his full gun cabinet and I make some kind of “guns are gross” comment. That’s when everyone else come to his aid and gripes at me for bringing up politics. He can talk about how much he loves guns, but I can’t bring up how much I despise them. I think it has less to do with politics and more to do with how well liked Sal is.

Sal is a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy, but he has one vice: disgusting raid beverages. The other day he made a White Russian with a shot of Jagermeister and bragged about it in Mumble. Seriously, that made my pristine vodka martini run and hide. One of our buddies commented, “Salmek, that sounds heinous, dude.” He laughed and said it was pretty good, and he had run out of ingredients for an Oatmeal Cookie.

I could go on and on about things that I love that he finds repulsive or how I spent a large portion of my life avoiding guys like him to make sure I didn’t go to jail. I’m telling you, me and Sal have nothing in common… except WoW. We like killing bosses and chatting about gearing up toons. He and I get along great and we would never have met had it not been for our silly little game. Sal is one of the reasons our Community is so great.  


  1. Thankfully I am yet to bump in to any other Neri's, but I know they are out there because I can never get the name on a new server! I wonder if the other Neri's would be just as different to me as the other Sal is to you.

    He finds bad language distasteful but could probably arm an entire neighbourhood in a zombie apocalypse? Interesting combo indeed :P

    1. I hope if you find another Neri and the are drastically different! You'll probably get along :)