Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Was the SimCity 5 Launch Coverage Unfair?

This isn't about wow... but still games. There's a WoW post tomorrow, I swear.

Last week I wrote an article about the SimCity 5 launch and how bad it was. There were plenty of people mad about the launch, so the article got a bunch of hits and comments. As a writer, those hits and comments are what I live for... but I wonder if I reported the news with a bit of commentary or did I just do my part to fuel the fire of the media train wreck?

Before I posted the article, the boss asked me if it was fair. That got me wondering if the entire circus was fair.

Should I feel sorry for poor EA who might not have understood the server capacity limits for a hugely popular game using a hugely controversial Digital Rights Management tool? I don't hate always online DRM. I don't hate EA (but if I keep writing about them, I can see myself getting there). A week later, people all over the world are enjoying SimCity. A month from now, will I write an article about how smooth it is running and how much I enjoy playing a sim game with other people?

Nah, that wouldn't' get as many hits.

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