Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Salad Senator by Dralfir

Allow me to share our raid team's newspaper, The Salad Senator. It is written by one of our tanks, Dralfir. I thought I might could add some photos to it. 

The Salad Senator

Official Newspaper of the Salad Senate (pending approval)
Editor in Chief: Monsui
Issue 2: March 16, 2013

First Course Almost Ready

reported by Dralfir

Sorry for the delay in getting this second issue out our reporters have been busy trying to handle the chaos brought to Azeroth by the return of the Thunder King. Despite this upheaval the members of the Salad Senate have been diligently working to make the Shores of Pandaria safer for every member of the Alliance. I am pleased to report that they have reported a resounding success.

The second week the team found that some Mogu Sorcerers had been hard at work and reconstituted the Stone Guard in the Vaults, the senate was undaunted and quickly tossed the Quilen yet again. However they found that despite good progress they were unable to show Feng who was boss that week. They did not hang their heads in shame and upon their return the next week despite finding the Stone guard back once more they defeated them and in the process showed their love for dogs. Another week staring down Feng the Accursed resulting in Feng blinking and the Senate mixing him into the delicious dish they were prepared.

Some may say that was enough, two bosses tossed after a tough fight the week previous, yet the Salad Senate did not agree, they moved forward to find Gara'jal the Spiritbinder blocking their path, they quickly diced him up like a handful of tomatoes ending their third week in the vaults with three bosses tossed.

The next week the Senate returned to the Vaults to find the enemy had been busy and some of the bosses previously tossed were determined to prove it had been a fluke. They failed even though some made it tougher than before and with very little time left the Senate made their way further into the Vaults. Lorewalker Cho, the guide the Senate had hired to show them where the problems in the Vault were stemming from, gave the Senate a lecture about some of the mogu kings of old and even learned something new, yet was mysteriously absent when the kings he had just told them about appeared on the upper level of the room ready to try and take back Pandaria. The Senate rose to the occasion and told the kings in no uncertain terms that their time was past.

To help insure that the bosses did not get brought back the Senate found a mage to cast a spell on the Vaults that hindered the aura in there that allowed the bosses to come back week after week and the Senate went in once more this past week and showed the Titan construct Elegon that they had every right to the data it was protecting.

The first dish made from the bosses of Mogu'Shan Vaults is almost ready and the Salad Senate has set its eyes on the troubles the Klaxxi are having out in the Dread Wastes as the next recipe to tackle.

What a Mess 

By guest reporter Jan Itor

The evils of Pandaria must be stopped they are making a mess all around the continent and I do not get paid enough to clean up the disaster the place looks like when they are through. That being said I would like to note my thanks to a group of ten people from the Salad Senate who have been helping me out most Thursdays. To show their support for me they have dubbed themselves the Salad Senate Clean-up Crew. A number of weeks ago they came up and cleaned up after Feng and Gara'jal which was real nice since the night before the main crew of the Senate could not take care of Feng.

A week later they came back and mopped up the Spirit Kings and tried to clean up that infernal star dragon Elegon, though they were not as successful on that count, but they came back a week later and finished the job. But that week the damn Emperor's machine halted them.

Last week the shut down that machine and went to the Dread wastes and gave me a hand with Imperial Vizier Zor'lock.

All citizens of Pandaria can help janitors like me by stopping the bosses from making the mess and it is always nice to see a determined group like the Salad Senate Clean-up Crew helping out where they can.

Food for Thought

Cooking and Crafting in the World of Azeroth

Dinner is Served

by guest Chef Trakoiram of Azgalor

Hi how are you? I hope that the world of Azeroth is treating you well. Cooking is a fun way to make sure you are putting you best gadget forward when showing the bosses of Azeroth that size does not matter, but power does. There are many gizmos that can improve your cooking (Editor's Note: I have edited out the gadgets listed here since Gnomish engineering has been known to have side effects such as the chef getting cooked instead of the meal, a simple campfire is all you need to cook the ingredients in any recipe we have found) Now that you have all the best toys to cook with you have to ask yourself what should I cook? While a feast is the most cost efficient option there are many items that are better for you but only feed one per serving. Take a powerful warlock like me I find the best dish to be a delicious Mogu Fish Stew. You want to make sure you have some Mogu Pumpkins, the inside add flavor and as long as you make sure you have enough you should be able to make an edible bowl with a few of them to serve the stew in. You take the pumpkins for the main part of the stew, add some Emperor Salmon, and Crocolisk bellies (nice and raw to get the most out of them) cook well, flavor with some Black Pepper and you have a meal that will expand your mind beyond what even the feasts can manage.

Mogu Fish Stew Recipe

25 Mogu Pumpkins
5 Emperor Salmon
5 servings Raw Crocolisk Belly
1 pinch Black Pepper

It is the Small Touches that Matter

by guest columnist Sitnalta of Azgalor

I would like to thank the editor for having me back and may the Naaru bless him for his wisdom. With the Thunder King running around again the world of Azeroth has gotten more dangerous. While the average adventurer is doing his best to save the world we have come to call home sometimes he forgets some of the little things that could save him. In the past some faction took it upon themselves to create intricate patterns to enhance the shoulder armor of adventurers. Some of the best scribes in Azeroth went to them and after diligent study found out many interesting things. For instance did you know that the inscriptions were chosen to go on shoulders because they need to be paired to work and due to the constantly growing size of shoulder armor (a mystery even Prophet Velen has not been able to solve) there is plenty of room to fit the design and mirror it on the other shoulder. The scribes have since passed the secrets to those of us who study the art and so I advise you adventurer as you figure out the way to get the best vision looking around your new shoulder armor make sure you see a scribe to get the best inscription for them

All Greater Inscriptions
All use the same mats but give different buffs ask your scribe which is best for you

1 sheet Light Parchment
3 Vials Starlight Ink


Leisure time in Azeroth

Tiny Battles of Azeroth

Fishing for a Fight
by Dralfir

Saving the world is all well and good, but every hero needs to find something to help them relax. For me and many others out there that sometimes ends up being battling our companions. I have always been an avid hunter of the mystical companions around Azeroth and recently they started flexing their muscles and are ready to fight all kinds of critters around Azeroth. However some of these creature will still only accept your friendship if you personally find them around the world. Today I want to let you know where you can find one of the Rare colored carps around Pandaria. Almost everyone knows about the large golden carps that have proven quite sturdy and abundant. Any fisherman can tell you they can be caught anywhere on the continent, however recently anglers have come to realize there are other colored carp around the continent, they tend to stick with specific fish perhaps to help them hide and are smaller than their golden brethren. Today I want to tell you about the Tiny Blue Carp, this little guy like to hide primarily in the waters of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, he finds the Jewel Danio out there while they may not match his coloring exactly have enough flash for him to hide among them. So if you see a pool of Jewel Danio he may be hiding in there. He has also been know to hide in pools of Redbelly Mandarin. Yes, I know they have red bellies not blue ones, but their tops are usually blue and most fish swim with their bellies down. I wish you happy hunting trying to befriend this little guy.


  1. That's cool! :) And great pic of you guys doing the rings achieve on Elegon!

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