Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Salad Senate: 3 Down, Only 13 To Go

Our raid team, The Salad Senate was at it again this past week. This time, we were able to down Feng the Accursed AND Gara'jal. This was a big improvement from the week before when we weren't able to get Feng down at all. For those of you who raid regularly, this might not sound like a big deal, but most of our team isn't experience in progression raiding, so we are chuffed.

One great thing about our group is that leaders are coming out organically. We made an alt guild bank and allowed everyone full access to it. Some might think that unwise, but I'm not worried in the slightest. Our members are excited to be part of the team, so they are stuffing it full of materials. One person took up the responsibility of organizing the stock. Another starting making feasts and keeping tabs on what we need more of. Next, we will start dealing with flasks. We have the mats for flasks, but it is hard to know what flasks to bring week-to-week, as we have a few slots unfilled, people have to take weeks off and a few of us are still deciding which character we want to bring. 

Something important that effected our dynamic was the clean up group. One member of our team took it upon himself to make this clean up crew, bring in some pugs, and get a few bosses down on an off night. We only raid on Wednesdays, so it's perfectly fine for others to use our lockout if they want. On the first night, we take 25 people in and kill what we can. On Thursday, we take 10 people in and pick up where we left off. No only do a few folks get a chance for gear, but we get practice killing the bosses. That's great for someone like me who has never done anything beyond LFR. We learn a lot, and bring that knowledge with us the next week. 

The knowledge we gained in the clean up crew helped us a bunch this past week. So our first week, we worked all night and got The Stone Guard done. The next week, we did the Stone Guard and then worked on Feng. We had three people DisConnect and not come back, which cost us about half an hour. We also started late and took too much time between pulls. After it was all said and done, I bet we lost an hour in total. Never again. The next day, the clean up crew took down Feng and Gara'jal. They are easier to manage in 10-man, but we got a feel for them. Our third week with the Salad Senate saw us bang our head against the wall on Feng for about two hours. It was disheartening and when we actually got him down, it kind of felt like luck. Nobody even mentioned getting a screen shot.

We moved on to Gara'jal. I honestly thought it was the harder fight because you have to do it fast. The trick to beating him is getting your DPS going strong before the six-minute enrage timer. That was what got us every time in the 10-man version. I figured we would get in a few pulls and work on him the next week. Then...


It wasn't even hard. One of our newer members volunteered to call out who should go into the other realm to kill the ghost-guys, and he didn't falter. One of our healers died at the start, she was resurrected  but she didn't have mana for the rest of the fight. That was a big deal because that meant she couldn't go into the spirit realm. "Someone else has to go!" And other people did. We knew the fight, so it wasn't even that big of a deal to kill him well before the enrage timer. 
That was a perfect end to the night; a high note that will bring positive people back the next week. I believe our clean up crew had a lot to do with our success. 

As 5.2 comes, we will continue with what we are doing now. We want to see the content... even if it is a few months after everyone else does. 

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