Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So, I Started a Vidcast

As per usual, I fell into a situation that has lead me to a new project. On our first raid night, Belshnickle filled a slot that we had open in our 25-man team. He is even in our very first team screen shot. After that run, he continued to whisper me in-game to chat or just say "hi". One day he revealed that he had been kicking around the idea of doing a podcast about our new guild, Convert To Raid on Aerie Peak. Here's the kicker: he wanted a cohost. Never turning down a chance to talk to people, I agreed to do it before ever having spoken to him.

That all changed. He is now the most called/texted person on my phone list. I've met most of his family and have even taken him to Moonguard. I put a ton more work on his shoulders when I said the word "video" and changed our format.

It is a podcast because we will release the audio portion on iTunes, but it's mostly a vidcast. Belshnickle would probably say exactly the oposite.

Anyway, here is the video. It's our very first episode. I can't wait for a year from now when we look back at it and cringe :)

(The plan was to embed the video, but because it's a new account it's tricky) 

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