Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3 Reasons Blizzard Loves DPS in World of Warcraft

Being a DPS player in WoW has been pretty harsh in the past. Constantly begging a tank or healer to group up with you was tiresome… to everyone. In Cataclysm, the queue times for a dungeon (lets not even talk about LFR) could be up to 45 minutes or an hour. We were very limited as to what we could do: gather materials, do daily quests for reputations that we had gotten exalted with months earlier, or fly around your choice of faction city waiting for the queue to pop. But you had to do it: it was the only way to get valor points aside from downing raid bosses. In Mists, Blizzard gave big love to those who prefer actually killing monsters over healing or teasing and swatting at bosses to catch their attention.

Valor Points: The Gift of Choice

I don’t run heroic dungeons anymore. Why? Because I don’t have to. There are no gear upgrades for me and I don’t want to have to explain each fight to someone who just dinged 90 and is only tanking for the insta-queue. Sure these instances are easy for me, and as long as I stay out of bad I basically can’t die, but they take a while and are kind of boring now. In Cata, I had to run dungeons to get valor capped. That simply isn’t the case anymore.
Valor points come from everywhere and everything. I can choose to do whatever the heck I want and still work towards getting valor-capped for the week. People constantly complain about daily quests, but if I look at my VP and see I am down 30 points, I just spend 10 minutes, do six quests and I’m done… with some extra gold in the bank as well. Aside from daily quests, we get valor from raiding, LFR, scenarios, challenge mode dungeons and yes, heroics. It’s true that it is not quick and easy to get valor these days, but at least I’m not running Zul’Aman or Zul’Gurub seven times a week.


This might be my favorite change that came with Mists. Yes, my shaman can heal a dungeon with one hand while playing Book of Heroes on iOS with the other, but /yawn. I like the pow pow POW of my lava burst across Orc face. Next to the crackle of Chain Lightning, Chain Heal just seems kind of… damp. I want to kill all of the things, and queuing up for a scenario gives me just what I want: to blow all of my cooldowns and flex my DPS muscles as I compare my numbers to those who are less geared. Epeen aside, (my numbers are actually dismal) I enjoy getting my own insta-queue. Tanks and healers can go do their own thing; we don’t need or even want you there. Get a DPS spec if you want join the party.
That said, I joined up with a holy priest that out DPSed a rogue the other day… so I guess you guys aren’t useless after all.

Stacking Queues 

If you like giant queues, then by all means wait in them. I like to maximize my time when grinding out my weekly valor points. One big way to do that is to be in multiple queues. In Mists, you can queue up for an LFR, a dungeon and a scenario all at once. Whatever pops first is what you will go into. I can run a scenario instantly and still be in line for my LFR spot. It’s a brilliant idea. Give a raise the guy that figured that one out.

I could give an honorable mention nod to Pet Battles as well. It’s a good time waster instead of gathering or flying in circles. In 5.2, it will even help level your character… a bit. The majority of WoW players are DPS, and Blizzard has started catering to us. The most important role in the game has been given both time and options. Tanks and healers don’t kill bosses; DPS does.

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