Monday, February 11, 2013

(very) Late Musings

So I started a raid team. 

I didn't mean to. I wanted to be on a team, but I certainly hadn't intended on starting one. I've never been on one before. I have very casually run old raids with my guild on Nagrand, but never progression. (except for the Sinestra thing when they finally sat me out, brought in a pug mage and killed the dragon like 7 minutes later.... but we don't talk about that.) I'm pretty good at gearing a toon, but I know nothing at all about raid composition or logs or loot systems or even how to "give assist" to a raid member. I am pretty good at group diplomacy, that's gotta be worth something.

It all started after I joined the Convert to Raid guild on Aerie Peak. I was number 500 or something, and hadn't at all understood that we would be up to 2,500 guild members within three weeks. I was browsing the Team Pages forum and came across a post by this guy Odoyle about a casual raid team. There was a bunch of people interested, so I put my name on the list. Thing is, Odoyle went MIA for over a week and didn't show up at the appointed time. We chatted in Mumble for a while and the group, assuming nothing would happen, started to disperse. "Wait!" I said, "You guys don't understand, this team is going to happen." We decided it was going to start there and then.

And it did. It turns out that someone there was a CTR officer. Suxian and I got together and made a forum post. The Salad Senate (long story) was born! She even made our logo. We don't have a full 25 members just yet, but for now it will be pretty easy to pug from our server. We start Wednesday with Mogu'shan Vaults. It will be hard, as I am one of the few that will out gear the raid, and I ain't that great. Most of us have never been on a raid team before, and that's a good thing. We're in this together.

Bring on the wipes.

See you soon,



  1. nice work Sal, watching with great interest

    1. Wow... that first boss is all about the tanks, hu? And in 25 man, we had all four doggies so 3 tanks had to get in sync. My job was easy: stay out of the poo and pew pew.