Friday, February 15, 2013

The Salad Senate

The Salad Senate's inaugural run was a successful one. We downed the Stone Guard and collected a nice amount of bones along the way. After our original forum post, lots of people put their name down, but I wasn't sure who was going to actually show up. The answer: everybody. Anyone who could't make it let us know to expect them the next week. That left us to pug about seven spots from the CTR guild. That isn't a problem with a guild of almost 3000 folks who are there to raid.

The First boss of Mogu'shan Vaults 25-man requires three tanks, so one of our group volunteered to tank in his off-spec. Our first three pulls were good ones. We learned and moved on. After we got the hang of it, it was just a matter of timing the taunts and staying out of the poo. Easier said than done. We didn't have any warlocks or druids on the team, and only one death knight, so battle resses were hard to come by. We kept having really good attempts that just didn't  make it. Thing is, everyone there was way into the 'casual' nature of our team and it was kind of funny (and awesome) to hear the chorus of "Great attempt!" "This is progress!" and "Good wipe, let's do it again" that came before every new pull. We were on the verge of finishing them off when we lost a few folks to Real Life. One of the people that came in as a replacement was Zhug, the guy in charge of Convert to Raid and who was directly responsible for all of us coming together on Aerie Peak. It was was regenerating to hear some of his trademark sayings as we charged in and nailed those doggies to the floor.

So we got a boss down on the first night. I'm not gonna say that I didn't expect to, but I was prepared for the possibility that we wouldn't. The Stone Guard is a hard fight, and we had to deal with all four of the council members in 25-man. (you only deal with three of them in 10-man) Who could expect such coordination from a new team? We didn't even know names to call each other. The heroes were certainly the tanks this week. My job was easy. I stayed alive and did damage to the bosses.

I'm glad we went for 25-man. I know it will be hard to keep everyone together and organized on a weekly basis, and the fight mechanics will be different for us than for most other people in WoW. I think 25-man fosters an atmosphere of inclusion. We had lots of dps on our list and nobody was turned away. We were missing key classes and we didn't mind at all. (but for real, if you know a warlock....) In the end, the people that pugged in went to our forum page to get a spot on the weekly roster. A few people got gear. We took some screen shots. And we made plans for next week.


  1. Ha! That's awesome, Sal! Our guild went up against Stone Guards on ten man quite a few times before we got them down. Your picture with all the bones looks very familiar to me! :P We have been getting the dogs pretty regularly now for a few weeks, and we're on the guy with the totems. Still figuring that one out!

    Glad you're feeling better, too!