Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sal’s Battle Pets: What Pets to Use

This is a follow-up piece based on my article about how to level-up effectively. 

When it comes to WoW Pet Battles, there is a lot (and I mean plenty) of non-information out there. Sure, there are tips on how to level your pets faster and it is well known what pet families are good when matched up against others. But when it comes to team composition and choosing which pets to go with, there’s nothing. People are asking this everywhere, and the same response keeps coming up: “choose what you like best”. While I can appreciate the lubby-dubby freedom that responders champion, I’m here to say that it’s all bunk. While every pet is indeed unique and worthy of love, there are some choices that are… more worthy. This is of course situational, but I found that most of those situations turned out to be the same over and over again. Here is my advice—once and for all—on what creatures to keep in your arsenal if you want to dominate Pokéwow.

If you are following my guide on how to level your pets, you will want to choose three pets that are part of your go-to team. You will find that the overwhelming majority of what you will battle in the world are critters, followed not-so-closely by beasts. I suggest getting one pet that’s good against critters, another that can handle beasts and a third that can heal itself pretty well. The following are the three best families for PvE pet battles:


Although a Huminoid could survive longer when faced with a critter, it’s a Beast that will ultimately take it down. A Cat might not be the most interesting to start out with, but eventually you will run into cool stuff like the Stunted Shardhorn that you can switch into your top three easily. Remember, when you catch a pet in the wild it stays the same level or just two levels lower. Catch it and use it immediately. You can pick up a Beast from countless vendors, but if you want a rare quality one (and you do), you likely already have the Panther Cub from doing the quests that lead up to the ZG/ZA dungeons in Cataclysm.


This is a no-brainer against the Beasts you will encounter. This will be your “fun” pet because of all the little gizmos and unique animations that come with each one. The best part is, its passive ability brings it back to life at 20% health once it has died. The Darkmoon Tonk is a great choice, but if you don’t have the tickets to buy it, you can go out to Westfall and attack Tiny Harvesters until you farm up a rare.


There are tons of pets with healing abilities, but the two that most consistently have them are Dragonkin and Aquatic. The water-spitters have excellent survivability, but if you want quicker battles I’d go with the baby dragons. My favorite is the Celestial Dragon, whose Ancient Blessing and Moonfire abilities work together to produce what some call an O.P. battle pet. If you aren’t crazy enough to already have one of those, go with an aquatic pet that you can catch in Elwynn Forest and when you get to level 11, grab a beautiful rare-quality Nether Faerie Dragon from Feralas.

There you have it. The pets to use for your first team to 25 are Beast, Mechanical and Dragonkin. Of course one could argue for any of the other families, (except maybe for Undead, which are terrible against critters) or to take Mechanical out of the rotation because they are weak against Beasts. However, I honestly think that using those three families will level you up faster and save on trips to the pet healer. That said, I do believe there is merit to the "Choose what you like best" philosophy... there's a reason you fell in love with those pets in the first place.

In the next guide, I will present my opinion on PvP pet battles, with a whole new set of rules.

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Part two of the pet battle series all about PvP

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  1. When I levelled my first pets on the beta, I always thought I'd level some different ones when Mists came out. It's funny how you tend to go back to what you know for faster/easier levelling.

  2. I know! I can't put my dragonkin down... but I do need to choose a different elemental pet as my go-to. The Terrible Turnip just isn't that strong against the Darkmoon Faire guy.