Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Musings: I joined AIE

So I joined AIE last week... in Book of Heroes. (Surely you didn't think I would roll Horde!) BoH is a fun little iOS game that can take up a lot of time before you even notice it's gone. It has an MMO feel with guilds, raids, quests and dungeons. There are also several interesting story lines. The gear grind can either annoy or challenge you. Honestly, I have always liked the jigsaw puzzle for gearing up... but I will admit that it can be tedious. My favorite part has been getting to know the members of my new guild, which is affiliated with AIE, the giant World of Warcraft guild on Earthen Ring. It is a bit hard to plan events around the schedules of people on different continents, but such is life (my life anyway). The fellows on The Instance mentioned the game a few times, and their listeners came in droves. The limit of 60 players has made it necessary to have about a dozen different guilds, but that's OK because I like a more intimate group. Excuse me, I have to go: we are about to raid Lockbolt.

See you soon,