Saturday, December 29, 2012

Late Musings

It was a great Christmas for Sal! For the past decade, it hasn’t been often that I’ve been able to spend the holidays with my family. This time I was “home” without the threat of an airplane looming. I hope the shininess of my new surroundings lasts for a long, long time.

My WoW habit was the source of much holiday lootz. I got a couple of lovely pets, a toy for my shelf and a mount! Oh, it’s so so so pretty! It makes me want to get the rest so I can make Voltron.

This week, I gave up trying to get valor capped, and decided to level my rogue in earnest. I’m this close to hitting 90. Wow, I love this toon. The sneaky stabby stabby appeals to me so much. Also, there is a spell that makes the damage of Combat go through the roof… until 5.2 when they nerf Blade Fury by 75%. This is crippling to someone who barely understands the class but likes big numbers. I know, I’m spoiled.

In other news, this article made me a few thousand gold in a couple of days. Basically you buy cheap mats on the AH, turn them in for Ironpaw Tokens, buy expensive mats with the tokens, and sell them for big profits. Nice.

See you soon,


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