Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Musings: Back in the Saddle

This weekly reset was like my personal WoW reset. Yes, I was traveling, but when I came back I was still just screwing around with pet battles. Even when I got into a Sha group, I was laying stomach-down on my bed, letting a kid press some of the buttons. Tuesday came. I cracked my knuckles and went to work. Scenarios, dailies and LFRx5. I checked out Mr. Robot and saw where I needed to quest to get upgrades. In between applying for jobs, picking up my niece at school and Christmas shopping (soooo almost done), I actually got it all done…. And got some phat phat lootz. 
The following is a list of upgrades I got in the past 24 hours: 
Ring: Seal of the Prime  Klaxxi Exlated
Ring: Band of the Shieldwall     Shieldwall rep, honored
Legs: Firebird's Kilt    Tier! Sha of Anger

Yes, so I reforged my gear four times, but did you happen to see that my new staff is Sha-touched?  There was a very noticeable difference when all that haste was added. To get that first ring, I had to hit exalted with Klaxxi. I must say that the lore payoff at the end was pretty sweet, and it was nice to get gear without using valor points. 

So now I am geared and ready to go right into that raid I don’t have any plans on being in. Dang. I gotta say: it’s lonely playing at 4am server time. 

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