Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Musings, Back from Paris

Just flew back from Paris, and boy, are my arms tired! (cue canned laughter)  While I get myself sorted, here is my quick guide to getting used to your new Shaman in MoP, as featured on GGW

Don’t be scared of your shammy. She’s still the same toon, and I think you will find that she plays much the same as she always did. Most of the spells are the same, the rotation is the same and the OP AOE is still as awesome as ever. There was a very simple change to Shaman in MoP that has made the class way more interesting: no more totem buffs. There are still buffs associated with your class, but all you have to do to get those buffs is exist. Used to be, we would set our four totems and basically ignore the other 15 or so. It was easy, but “required” stuff is unfun. Now, we can use whatever totems we fancy at whatever time we think is cool. Overwhelming? The other side of that coin is that we can NOT use the totems we don’t feel like using. Also, there are about half as many totems available. (you weren’t using most of them anyway, right?)

If someone is just starting to level their shammy through MoP and wants to keep it simple, here’s my advice: 1. Choose passive talents and 2. Use Searing Totem before ever pull. If you are feeling crazy, throw down Magma Totem if there is more than one mob. 3. Use Healing Stream instead of your healing spells. With those three you can get to 90. Introduce other totems when you feel comfortable. CC totems like Earthgrab are great for dailies, and don’t forget your good friends the Elementals.

Yes, shammies are more complicated to play these days, but only because they actually simplified the class and allowed us to have choices. In my opinion, the class is way more fun.

See you on Monday,


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