Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monday Mischief: Anti Asshat Week

It's Anti Asshat Week. Today I break from tradition and post something unfun for Monday Mischief. This is an image I yoinked from Untamed Hellcat. She was subjected to harassment from members of our community who should know better. I believe that it is our responsibility to speak up and not allow people to continue to be asshats in our game. Whether it is someone in our guild, in trade chat, or LFR, we should hold them accountable for their actions. "A 3-day ban for harassment is nowhere near as powerful a deterrent as the inability to find a willing audience."

Check out her blog post, and listen to her on the recent GGW podcast

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  1. Azerothians Against Asshats! Sal you are awesome, I listened to you both on GGW and you were both brilliant! OMG what a long show it was this week! I was listening in my car for ages waiting for Gen to get on... wondering is she getting on? Thank you for the nice things you said about me... <3 my alliance guildies!

  2. yeah..... So we had decided to go on with the show because Gen hadn't shown up! She was supposed to be there right after the interview. We kind of stretched out other content to fill out the show and then as we were kind of wrapping up, Gen showed up.

    What a nub. :P

  3. AAA does have a nice ring to it....