Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Musings: It’s all in the wrists

It’s odd when one single item affects everything you do in-game. I spent months in Zul’Gurub trying to kill Zanzil and willing him with every once of my being to drop Spiritbinder Spaulders. (Pictured on me at the top of the page) It was the only piece of gear I needed to become Cataclysmically Epic and—the way I saw it—a big kid.

 I put so much weight on those tiny pixels than I queued for that dungeon exclusively, without the possibility of Valor Points, and banged my head against the wall for hours at a time back when that dungeon was way, WAY too hard for me. I read that Blizz created the low drop rate of shoulders on purpose in order to preserve some kind of epic feeling of looking geared or whatever. The lack of drop was disappointing, but the running of ZG was soul shattering.

Yes, I said soul shattering. And I didn’t stop until I had them.

Now, on a much smaller level, The Bane of Sal is now my bracers. Only one dungeon boss has bracers and I can’t depend on LFR drops. There are so few options for me, that the bracer list looks silly next to  those of other slots.

These days I am not as self-conscious about gear and performance level. I know the system and can use the tools to measure such things. Sure it bugs me when I am held back from doing something because my ilevel is too low, but I can usually put together a decent plan to fudge that number a bit.

My point: Even though I no longer freak out about drops, my play style is still governed by that one little piece of gear that either evades me or holds me back. I spent hours looking at that bracer list and figuring out how to obtain them. I got out a calculator, looked at guides, wowhead, AskMr. Robot, and then I put together a regiment that I will strictly adhere to until I get what I want. Now if you will excuse me, daily quests are about to reset and I have an appointment with the August Celestials.
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Note: REMEMBER to listen to Girls Gone Wow this week. I’ll be on episode 75 with Sil, EJ, Raven and the Roblin. 

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