Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Musings: Heading to France

In a few hours, I will be on a plane to France. I get back just before Christmas and that is the.last.trip. for a while. Then I can get back to doing whatever it is I am meant to start doing. I’m sure a year from now I will wonder why the heck I would ever complain about leaving the country.

After capping valor last week, I was able to dust off my rogue for a bit. I used the WoW anniversary “gift” to get the little dwarf to level 87, which is where she shall stay until the end of the year most likely. Jade Forest is good the 2nd time through, and I caught a few of the jokes that I didn’t see the first go ‘round. I realized that Loremaster Cho is a pretty important part of that zone. I never paid much attention to him until I did the Loremaster rep. He might be my favorite MoP character.  

Patch 5.1 hit and my key bindings were all screwed up. I hadn’t expected that to happen, and it took a long while to get my mouse set again. Something tells me that a week from now I will be redoing it. 

I spent several weeks believing that Shaman were being severely nerfed (a PvP player might still think that). For some reason, I read the patch notes and thought that some totems were going to require casting and could be interrupted by other players or mobs. I wrote a big article on it and decided not to post it until I tried out the changes. There were no changes. Either I read it wrong or just believed a bad dream I had (it happens), but I was upset that my new playing style (involving heavy use of totems I had never paid attention to before) was going to be affected. I literally thought I was going to spend a few seconds casting Earthgrab Totem or Capacitor Totem. That would put a huge dent in my survivability, and I thought that it didn’t make sense. Turns out I was right about the not making sense thing. Although I did complain about it on twitter, I’m glad I didn’t start that forum post I had planned. Wow. 

Oh well.

See you soon, 


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