Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Musings: Anti Asshat Week

As Anti Asshat Week ends, I promise to stop being so serious and get back to being fun. I got worked up over an important topic, but now I kind of want to get back to killing mantid and complaining about daily quests.

I visited a bunch of blogs this week that I had never been to before. I was connected to them via their comments about asshattery on Navime's, Typhoon Andrew's and Genowen's sites. Just about all of them across the board had posted their own response to the problem that's infecting our servers. The overwhelming consensus is that we should speak up and do something about it, as opposed to remaining quiet. It was such a positive experience to see words of encouragement coming from all kinds of people. I hope that's the feeling I take from this week.

Today, I'm in New York City visiting a few friends. I'll be here for a couple weeks, so my posting will be sporadic... again. A few weeks after that, I will be in France for a bit. I am not for one second complaining about my decadent life of no bills, no responsibilities, and no job... but I do wonder when my life with be "normal" again.

So I get to go to a jazz club this week with my jazz-singer friend, and an open mic with my folk-singer friend, and a gay bar with my... well... gay friend. Oh! Starting to get excited now!

See you soon,


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