Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting Myself Sorted

Yes, I have returned to Texas after ten years of Asian exile, but I didn't hit the ground running quite as fast as I thought I would. Recovering from a move is always tough, but getting yourself back together after transplanting yourself to the other side of the world has been... I don't want to call it a hassle, but it has been exhausting. It's the normal little things I seem to be missing that trip me up: socks without holes, face lotion, computer cord, hangers, a multi-color pen... each require their own trip to a shop.

Things are coming in waves: my dad gave me a car a few days ago (70 bucks to fill the tank, holy S&%$!) My brother-in-law put together my desk, Bassmatic's fabulous monitor arrived a few days ater that. Today my autumn (cuz I don't say "fall" anymore) clothes finally came in. That leaves just one more box that is inching its way across the Pacific ocean to claim its place in my tiny little closet in the guest room of my sister's home. 

You might have seen on Monday Mischief that I was able to get a hold of a collector's edition of MoP at midnight on release night. It was fun being in vent with the guild hearing their reaction to the launch. It was 4pm in Australia, so they were way more awake than I was.  I have played a few hours a day since then, and got to level 90 last night. Early in the morning and late at night my guildies are online. A few of them helped me kill Huggalon the Heart Watcher and get the B.F.F. Necklace. We then had fun checking out each other's new spells and talents. I have to say: the monk class looks cool. 

Pretty soon I'll be back on schedule with articles and musings... but if you'll excuse me, I need to pop into Walmart to get a curling iron and then find out where to replace my social security card.

See you soon


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  1. Welcome back to the States, Summer! Sounds like you're getting settled back in - it will all fall in place soon enough - no worries! I'm still enjoying reading your posts!