Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Musings

Mists of Pandaria, with all its frustrations, is still quite new and shiny to me. I’m sure there will be a time when I am bored to death of it, but I am still surprised every day. Last night, I discovered something that became my favorite thing in all of WoW: The Lorewalkers.  

I started out wanting a unique mount. I could have gotten it right when I hit level 90, but other things were more of a priority. I knew how to get it: Finish a few achievements involving “discovering” lore objects around Pandaria. There is plenty of information on where to find the objects and the quickest ways to get to them all. I was online and wanted to do something stress-free, so I figured “what the heck”.

I flew around clicking on gravestones and statues… killing an occasional monkey… and started racking up the achievements. Between a Saurok and a Hard PlaceHozen in the Mist… ten in all. After each one I got a missive from Lorewalker Cho requesting my presence at Mogu’shan Palace. Guys, I just did not expect what happened next. For all ten achievements Cho took the stage to tell a story about the origins of famous Pandaren, historic conflicts, and even the races of Pandaria. There were tales of triumph and hardship, and it turns out that Jinyu are just really smart murlocs. Who knew? Each story had a lesson to be learned. I sat there and listened, one by one, until he had told me everything.

The biggest idea I came away with was that I absolutely needed to become exalted with the Klaxxi. Oh wow, I hate this faction. I have been killing mantids every. single. day just waiting for the day I would become revered, get my belt, and be done with it. But Cho told me that if I became friends with them, that I could learn their secret. Dang. More mantid killing.

Well, at least I have something to ride around on while doing it.

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  1. I've been clicking on the special scrolls and so far nothing from the lore walkers at all. Not sure if I'm supposed to do something first?

  2. All the scrolls count towards achievements... it's getting the right combination that might be preventing you from getting something.

    Go to your achievement menu, choose exploration. Look for cheeves that have the scroll icon next to them (for example, Hozen in the Mist). Those are the ones that count for the Lorewalkers. Because I had been clicking on all the scrolls I saw, I found that several of them only had like one more for me to find.

    After you get one of the achievements, you will get an in-game letter from Lorewalker Cho with a quest asking you to come to Mogu'shan Palace. (it is the upper upper terrace, looks like a library). Turn it in and he will tell you a story.

    You don't have to do it all at once, like I did. There are ten achievements and ten stories. Almost every cheeve only has like four to find. Getting your first one might literally take like five minutes including looking it up on wowhead.

    Every time you listen to a story, you get rep with the Lorewalker faction. After you have listened to them all you will be exalted. At exalted you can buy a mount... and a cool tabard.

    If you HAVE already done the achievements and still not gotten anything from Loremaster Cho, it is possible that you have to go meet him before all this happens. (doubtful) You can swing by Mogu'shan Palace, say "hi" to him and unlock the bookcase you can use to re-watch the stories later on. There will also be quests to do some archeology. You don't need to do those at all.

    Here is a really good guide:

  3. This is better:

    "All you really need to do to get exalted with the Lorewalkers is read each of the lore objects located throughout Pandaria; you can see a list of them (like The Seven Burdens of Shaohao) in your Exploration Achievements tab, under Pandaria. When you read all of the objects for each "story," you get an item to bring to Lorewalker Cho, who presents you with a sort of play about the story you collected, and you get a ton of reputation (thousands)."