Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Musings: Life’s a Grind

 I figured out the other day that I was burning myself out trying to cap Valor Points every week and grinding out reputation with different factions. I wasn’t doing anything fun and was getting that “work” feeling in-game. I had to sit down and come up with a plan that would see me meeting my goals and still wanting to sign in.

As far as Valor goes, back in the Cata days I could run seven dungeons and be done with it. With a good team, I might be able to do that in one day. There are tons of ways to get VP in MoP… but none of those ways give you very much. Daily quests give you 5 points each, and that is hardly anything to count on. You get 60 points for the first dungeon of the day, but after that it is almost pointless to run any more. Scenarios are a good way to get a quick 30 points… once a day. LFR is worth a whopping 90 points, but I couldn’t even get through the 2nd round because a troll kept pulling the boss before the trash was even down. I haven’t capped VP at all since MoP hit, and I have to change that.

Plan: one scenario plus one dungeon (or LFR) a day will get me at just under 700 VP. If I can do like 10 daily quests a day, that will cap me out. I can do that!

OK, if I am going to do daily quests, then which ones should I do? Most of the gear players need comes from being revered with factions, as opposed to exalted. I asked Mr. Robot where I could upgrade my gear, and it turns out that August Celestials will help me out the most. So, I'll do Golden Lotus dailies until revered, grab a piece from them, and head over to A.C., completely ignoring Shadopan. By then, I hope Blizz will nerf the rep grind to make it even faster before I try to hit exalted with anyone.

Plan: Golden Lotus Dailies ONLY until I unlock August Celestials, then make the switch

Running dungeons is my favorite part of the game, so why the heck was I ignoring them in favor of doing daily quests? What do I need gear for if I am not on a raid team? I just need to bump my ilevel to 470 for the next tier of LFR… which isn’t even out yet. I don’t need a cloud serpent or scorpion mount, I have the entire expansion to go back and get those. My new plan will take about 2 hours every day… which leaves me with plenty of guilt-free time to screw around with pet battles on my baby monk.

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