Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Musings... Sal is Back!

Hey there! I just flew in from Oman, and boy are my arms tired! (queue canned applause)

I survived the desert...with a bit of help from air-con... and am back, ready to jump into MoP. While away, I was able to sign into the game only a few times from a hotel room in Dubai. It was a pleasant month-long break, but now I am ready to hit the ground not quit running....

Even though I had researched very far in advance,  I found my new spec to be a bit hard to get used to.... harder than I though it would be, anyway. One big change with shammies is that we don't have buff totems anymore, which frees us up to use the rest of them as actual tools in our PvE arsenal. Although I think this is a good thing, I do wish I had paid more attention to totems in PvP so I could be more familiar with the best situations to use them in. I'll learn.

The changes in the Elemental spells are also tripping me up. What everyone notices first is that Lava Burst now procs to become an instant cast. Holy crap, that's awesome. I am POW POW POWing all over the place. The sound it makes is incredibly satisfying as well. You've heard people say certain spells 'hit like a truck', LB actually sounds like a lory smacking into a brick wall. My only problem right now is that the proc seems so random, and I can't get a rhythm to my rotation. Once I am level 90 and have some proper gear, I'll figure our how and why the proc happens and might be able to predict it. The other thing is that there is a slight change in Lightening Shield that effects how long the fulmination of Earth Shock takes to happen, which shares a cooldown with Flame Shock... wow, this is complicated. I'll stop.

Speaking of complicated, I believe the new simpler talent trees will make playing our specs more complicated because we will end up changing it way more often. I'm ok with that, as it is more interesting. I have already found myself changing things around for the Theramore Scenario. Don't even get me started on that.....

I'm going to head out and reserve my Collector's Edition of MoP for the midnight release on Monday night. I can't wait!

See you soon,



  1. Welcome back, Sal! Glad you made it all that way safely - with only sore arms! :P I, too, am looking forward to MoP this week! I took the day off Tuesday so I can spend the day playing with pandas and maybe doing a bit of leveling on my main. Enjoy!

  2. I am loving MoP so far. How about you?

    BTW, I am going to be on GGW again... can't wait ;)