Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday Musings

I write to you today from Latte King, a place that inexplicably likes cats. I'll never understand mankind's obsession with those ferocious balls of fur, but to each their own, I suppose. I played a bit of WoW today while sitting outside, which was harder than I thought it would be on account of the sun, aforementioned kitties, and neighbor agro. The reason I am here is mostly because I am terrified of my cleaning lady, whom I know is judging me underneath that sincere smile and genial personality. She'll probably leave delicious food for me, as she is wont to do, because (I'm sure) she feels my diet is as up to par as my dusting skills.

Damn you and your adobo sauce, Filipina angel! I have a priest to level... and a mage. Neither of them are going to hit 85 for #altsb4925, but my warrior did that already. I am just taking care of business while my Recruit a Friend umm... friend is still within the 90-days that we are connected to each other. The speedy leveling has gotten me (and her) to level 70 quite quickly. I've been leveling as a Shadow Priest, but I am having giant issues with mana regeneration, which I guess is typical. My mage, who is a Night Elf just like my priest, is at 34. I will get her to around 40 or so before Monday, then I will sap levels from Galindae which will put her solidly at 60 before I leave the game for a month. My experience with the mage has been.... uneventful. All I do is spam Arcane Blast, and then Shadowmeld if I get agro. That's it. This must get more interesting later on... it has to. Both toons are great because I have  full set of BOA gear that I trade back and forth between them.

With all the leveling I am doing, it is hard to keep a positive attitude about the community. On one hand, I am surrounded by bloggers and Twitterers (I can't believe that word passed my spell check) who are generous and fun. On the other, I am in dungeons with people who take every piece of gear then can (they roll 'need' on everything) in order to destroy it for enchanting materials. Is that the game we are playing now? Are manners not important anymore?

The big Bliz news of the day is that the Mobile Armory is completely free now. I've always used the limited application, but only to check my calendar and to look at my characters' outfits. But now I can go into guild chat and the Auction House, and you can too! All you need to do is go out and get a smart phone and you can speak about serious business your guild from anywhere at anytime.

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