Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friday Musings

I honestly thought we would get a release date at Gamescon, but the revelation of September 25th came a bunch sooner than that. Several other announcements came this week instead. It looks like there will no longer be restrictions on what race you can choose based on what expansion you have. That’s a good move. As it currently stands, players can only play races that come with the expansions they bought. For example, if someone didn’t buy Cataclysm, then they can’t choose to play a goblin or a worgen. When the pre-expansion pack hits on September 28, anyone who has purchased any version of the game will be able to play any race. This includes Pandarens when Mists comes out.

Speaking of September 28th, that is the exact date that I will get on a plane to begin a month of traveling, and will have extremely limited access to internet. DOH! My fears have come true: unless I can find time and a connection, I will completely miss the Theramore event. FML. Hey, Dubai airport, can I just sit there for a few hours and use your wifi?

In preparation for my departure, anyone who has ever known me in Korea wants to take me out. Sounds great? OK, it kind of is. I am definitely feeling the love. But last night I had TWO dinner appointments, and now none of my trousers fit. After I came home from dinner, something awesome happened. I was leveling my warrior (which came to a screeching halt when I hit level 80) in Deepholm. Someone came on general chat and asked if anyone else was around and wanted to quest with him. It was his first time through my favorite zone, so we spent a very fun 2 ½ hours there. Ding! Level 83.

See you on Monday,

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