Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who is Salmacis? How do YOU name your WoW toon?

Every Wednesday I choose a topic to pick apart. The article about WoW inside of Korea originally announced for today has been postponed while I await scheduled interviews. I hope this self-indulgent insight into my personality(ies) will do for now.  

Away from me cold-blooded woman
Your thirst is not mine
Nothing will cause us to part
Hear me, oh gods

I recently discovered an old, insanely embarrassing blog I had in my university years. No, I think I won't link you to it. As a twenty-year-old with blue hair and multiple piercings, before the term "emo" had even come out, I used words like "depression" and "untruths" and (gasp!) "postmodern". I associated my feelings with song lyrics and artists. One of the earlier posts described the "triune" person I considered myself to be at the time. Each aspect of myself had a name: 

Summer: My given name. This is how I chose to meet people. Summer has a big, bright personality and surrounds herself with friends. 

Winter: The polar opposite. Winter is sad, self-conscience and keeps herself from doing things because she would probably fail at it anyway.

Salmacis: The most beloved. She is creative, thoughtful and introspective. When combined with one of the other two, the results can be either inspiring or downright dangerous. 

By far the most interesting of the three, Salmacis is a product of the insanity that was my early twenties. Music was a big part of that existence. My friends and I listened to Radiohead, Tool, Nine Inch Nails and a lot (A LOT) of Peter Gabriel. I became an online member of the Church of Peter Gabriel, got ordained and started offering my services for weddings. Oddly enough, nobody I knew wanted to be married by a minister of the CoPG. One night, one song in particular changed my life. Unfortunately, best I could find was this crappy 'live' video.

Genesis: The Fountain of Salmacis from the album Nursery Cryme

I don't actually identify all that much with a lovesick hermaphroditic water nymph, but the aspect of my personality that I came to call "Salmacis" was valued greatly back then. I came to depend on her to help Winter get back on track or to calm Summer down. 

Fifteen years later, my three sides have reconciled and now work together. I'm not as polar (tri-polar?), and carry each with me while making big decisions and jumping into new situations. Every now and then I'll sign off as "Winter" in an email, but mostly as a joke instead of the revealing tidbit that use to represent. 

When I created my first World of Warcraft character, Salmacis was the first thing I typed. For a while, guildies attempted to say the full name, usually coming out as "Salmackus". It didn't bother me (for the record it is closer to Sal my sis), but now my friends just call me Sal.

And you can too, friend. 

How about you? Is your in-game name more than just a toon? 

I'll see you Friday, 


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  1. Before my death knight was created and my guildies got to know me as Mort I was known as Andrew. I don't care that it is my real name, as generally I try to not say anything too harsh or rude in public.
    For many years I played in an excellent but tiny guild, or almost anonymously in a large raiding guild and being called Andrew rather than Dragnssslyr was a point of difference.
    Is Mort more than my toon name? Probably, but not much more. To me it serves as a useful nickname for those who I know in game but not in real life.
    Mort is an obvious choice for a DK, and when I chose it I was hoping that Mortigen would get shortened to Mort for brevity. Being called "Death" as your nickname is silly and cool at the same time.