Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things To Do Before I....

It’s odd that “bucket list” has become a term for things we should get done before the next expansion drops. For that title, it seems to me that someone should have to die before the list is relevant. I guess Cataclysm has been hanging by a thread for a while, and ‘kick the bucket’ might be the appropriate term for what’s about to happen. With all the recent talk about bucket lists, I figured I’d throw out my own.

My Things to Do Before Mists of Pandaria:
Yes! Gotta catch 'em all!
150 Vanity Pets
100 Mounts
Learn to heal
Get better at PvP
Level a tank

Littlest Pet Shop: I am now at 149 and have one more to get from the Darkmoon Faire. Warcraftpets.com was an invaluable resource, as well as the help from a few guildies. If you are going for this ‘chieve, (or even another one) I recommend setting up a profile at WCP to keep yourself organized and to use the community to help with your game plan. Figure out which ones can be sold on the auction house and check every day to see if someone puts one up for a few hundred gold (not 10K). Another thing you can do is find someone on the other faction who wants to trade Argent Tournament pets.

Mountain o’ Mounts: I wasn’t going to bother with this at all until I counted my mounts and figured that a few rep grinds would make this happen. Skygaurd, Netherwing and Kurenai gave me the exact number I needed to get this ‘chieve on June 14th. Even if you don’t care about the mounts, everyone should experience the Netherwing grind just for the story, and the racing!

Learn to heal on my shammy. My main, Salmacis, is an Elemental Shaman. I stacked spirit on my gear because right now spirit=hit. This is great because I didn’t need to get a whole new set of gear to start me off. I just switched specs, copied a friend’s talent tree, read a few posts on EJ and was good to go. That said, if I want to move into heroic dungeons, I would need to at least get new trinkets and reforge. I could get an extra set by running LFR, but…  screw that.

PvP. I am pretty well geared. I have loads of resilience and spell penetration. I didn’t transmog this gear because I want to strike fear into the hearts of anyone who sees me running up to them, even if the fear is unwarranted. I was able to get this set together by doing very little pvp. If you are a PVEer who wants to PvP, just collected Valor Points, change them to Conquest Points and bammo! You are ready to start getting pwned. Understand that some people think this method of gearing-up is kinda cheaty. I’m OK with that. Thank God for Friday night fun in battlegrounds.

Level a tank. I made a Death Knight, but can’t figure it out. Seriously, how is it done? I’ve looked it up, watched videos, talked to people…but I can’t wrap my head around it. Now, I have a warrior sitting at level 60. Can I cap her out before MoP? We shall see…

PS: The idea for this post came from the Girls Gone Wow podcast, thanks girls!

*edit: I got 150 pets! 

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