Thursday, July 12, 2012

Should Really Come Up With a Catchy Name for Friday Posts


In my world, I had a stupid amount of luck this week with mounts. My Oracle egg hatched to give me the Green Proto Drake. I set my hearthstone to the Isle of Quel’Danas to run Magister’s Terrace once a day, but got the Hawkstrider on day three. Then, a guildie suggested the Stormpike Battle Charger that one can buy outside of Alterac Valley, and even flew me there to get it. He then took me out to Karazhan, where punching a pony in the face didn’t produce anything, but we had a nice look around anyway. My hearth is now set at Shattrath so I can try for the Raven Lord mount. I didn’t work on my bucket list so much because most of my playtime was spent packing for a big move and tweaking my new blog.  :P
Hitchin' a ride to Karazhan
At the moment, I am prepping for a guest spot on Girls Gone Wow, an EU-based Warcraft podcast. So Excite!

WoW news is boring these days. Nobody cares about the guild-mentoring program because it likely doesn’t affect that many people’s server. MVP forum status IS pretty cool, though. This tiny trickle of irrelevant information will continue until August 16 when Bliz reveals the MoP trailer. If we get a release date on that day, I bet we will see the expansion drop in mid-October, maybe Columbus Day. If a date isn’t announced, my prediction is that we will be rolling pandas for Christmas.

See you on Monday,

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