Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Musings

Every Friday I post about current events, game-side and personal

Last night Mike Morhaime posted a letter to Diablo III players, thanking them for participating in forums, describing future improvements and defending the online-only aspect of the game. If you dig through the comments, there’s some good feedback about rubber-banding and that being a reason why some people have stopped playing. If that’s your problem, then the game is basically unplayable. My big issue, however, is that I keep getting kicked offline, loosing all my progress. This is infuriating, and it is un-fun to go back through a re-randomized version of what I have already run a few times just because my single-player content is potentially open to the world. Scott Johnson has said multiple times on multiple podcasts (anyone other than me listen to most of them?) that people need to realize that it is part of playing Diablo. If you want to stop playing, then stop at a checkpoint. If you stop in the middle of a dungeon or cellar or abandoned hell-cathedral, you will have to go back through. I’m fine with that… when it is my choice. Connectivity issues will always exist, whether is it from overcrowded servers or slower than usual household internet. Some people act as if Blizzard is shoving the online content down our throats while we cling to our old ideas, afraid of change. But I don’t think that is the whole story.

I believe that if the creators of Diablo III wanted us to change our gaming paradigm, then they should have changed their own paradigm as well. The game was made to be an online game, but with the same offline aspects as Diablo II.  There could have been preemptive strikes on inevitable issues. Of course people were going to lose connection and have to go back through content over and over again. What’s the solution? I’m not a game designer, nor do I have a heck of a lot of experience with Diablo, but I would suggest more frequent checkpoints or saves. Perhaps get rid of that aspect of the game altogether. Is that blasphemy?

That video has nothing to do with anything anymore, but reminds me of that afternoon (remember, I'm in Asia) that I counted down with the rest of the world and watched "37" continuously pop up on my screen. Had my twitter feed up and I watched as #error37 started trending and clicked it's way to the top spot. Oddly enough, I felt I was a part of something big that day... kind of like my friend who was at the infamous Doors concert in Miami. 

Let’s get back to WoW.
The only Warcraft news this week came in the form of a ‘sale’. 25% off faction change? WoW Insider called this ‘a steal’. Come on, guys… you know that’s an exaggeration. I don’t know anyone who took advantage of it, but be sure to leave me a comment if you did. Looks like there’s a weekend sale to change realms… OK, THAT might be something I would be interested in, but certainly not this weekend. Looks like I won’t save the seven bucks. Oh well.

I spent a bunch of time this week watching Preach videos for my level 69  (/flex) Prot Warrior. I was a tad disappointed to find out that I was pretty much doing everything right at the level I am at. I wanted a slap in the face and a realization of super awesomeness. I can’t wait to get into Cata content and have to pay attention to boss mechanics. When I hit Northrend, I realized that I still had a few vanilla pieces of gear, which is silly. I might do some quests in Wrath content just to break it up the playstyle. Should I respec to Fury? Nah, I’ll just hit the mobs with my tank shield. I have every BOA on the market, so nothing can kill me, MWHA HAHA!

My guild loves silliness on Fridays, so tonight should be fun. I might need some libations to keep up with my GM, but should be able to get something nice for Monday Mischief, unless you have something you would like to send me instead.

See you on Monday,

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